Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our first farmers market is only 3 days away! Its so hard to explain the range of emotions Hans and I are feeling. Were excited to meet lots of people and talk to them about food and the farm and hear their stories and recipe ideas! Were anxious about how were going to get everything harvested, transported and set up in time (you should see us trying to put up the tent)! Were frustrated there arent more things ready to be picked but hopeful what we do bring to the market will be high quality and the absolute freshest!  Stop by and say hi! Wed love to meet you!

Heres what well have this Saturday:

Green Garlic
Mustard greens
Salad mix
Potted tomatoes, peppers, herbs and perennial flowes
Free Range Eggs
Pasture-raised Beef

Here's a tasty idea for weekend brunch using fresh PrairiErth eggs and our green garlic!

Green Garlic Scrambled Egg Toasts
·       1 stalk green garlic for every 3 eggs 
·       butter
·       milk or cream
·       dense wheat bread or levain
Chop green garlic like you would a scallion. Feel free to use all the green part as well as the white part. Beat eggs and add 2 tablespoons milk or cream to eggs. Slice bread thinly and leave near toaster.
Sauté green garlic in desired amount of butter over medium flame for a minute or two. Add beaten egg mixture to pan and reduce flame to its lowest possible setting. Stir constantly. As the eggs heat up they will start to steam a little and maybe stick to the bottom of the pan. Add some salt and pepper. Take the pan off direct heat to slow the process down. . The longer it takes, the better it'll taste. It should take at least 10 minutes to cook 3-5 eggs this way. Throw the bread in the toaster. As the eggs finally congeal, spoon onto toast, and cut to desired size.

***Bloomington Farmer's Market Info*** 
Downtown Bloomington THIS SATURDAY on the Square (our stand is right in front of the old courthouse). Hours are 7:30-noon rain or shine! 

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